The Faces Behind BeMe





The most important thing Bebe taught me is this: "One thing you can do better than anyone else, is be yourself!"


About BeMe

 The concept of BeMe came to me in 2019 as an inspiration from my mother, Bebe.  Bebe always had a natural approach in taking care of her skin. Cleanse and moisturize, very little makeup and a natural glow from the sun was always her beauty routine. In her sixties she developed a passion for yoga and studying the mind-body connection.  Her smile and inner radiance remained with her throughout her lifetime.


I started my career in the early eighties after becoming a licensed cosmetologist. Understanding the concepts of hairstyling, facial shapes and skin types became a lifelong study. My true passion though came from connecting with the person I was helping, understanding their lifestyle and helping them be the best they could be. I always believed that our outward appearance such as our skin and even how we choose to dress or wear our hair is strongly affected by our inner wellbeing. Our attitude toward ourselves plays such a significant role in how we choose to present ourselves externally. My goal has always been to work with an individual in bringing out their inner radiance. It is my instinct to get to know the person I am helping, whether in choosing a hairstyle or a skin care product in order to bring out the best in them!  Seeing the smile on someone’s face and the glow that radiated from feeling good about themselves is priceless!


Around 2013, Bebe started showing significant signs of Alzheimer’s and the disease progressed rather rapidly, taking what was once a beautiful vibrant woman and turning her in to a shell of her former self. I devoted all my energy to caring for her and making what was left of her life as comfortable as possible. I realized the healing power of a gentle touch could be all she needed to put a smile on her face. Stroking her face gently, massaging her hands, just the power of human touch ignited something in her inner being that the disease was stripping away. Even until the end, her beautiful smile still emanated from her soul.


After helping her make her transition in 2018 I knew it was important to recharge myself and also give back to others. My Mother spoke to me and guided me, reminding me how powerful the human touch can be in helping a person feel their best from the inside out. I decided to focus on skincare, incorporating my belief in the power of botanical skin remedies, primarily PCR Hemp Oil/CBD and its amazing healing properties, along with the healing touch of the human hand.

 My strong belief that beauty comes from within, and a natural approach to caring for one’s own body, mind and skin is simple and natural. Bebe kept reminding me that a smile on anyone’s face is the most beautiful part of that individual! Bebe never had, nor ever desired plastic surgery, injections or any type of invasive treatment of her body. I have followed in her footsteps and at 58, I respect where time is taking me in regards to my approach on taking care of my skin. Natural ingredients from plants have been a healing source for ages and we can benefit a lot from the wisdom of

Mother Nature. This is our GIFT to You! Remember to SMILE and be YOURSELF!

Be (Bebe) and Me (Merry)